Primary Weapon: G&G Gr16 Blow Back

External Upgrades:New RIS front rail, foregrip/bipod, PEQ box

Internal Upgrades:N/A

Secondary Weapon:N/A

Current camo:Multicamo



G and & G Gr16 two tone RIS Grip E-mag Iron sights


Primary Weapon:G&G Cm16 Raider

External Upgrades:Tracer, Silencer, Trigicon Acog 4X32

Internal Upgrades:N/A

Secondary Weapon: Glock/ DE Ak47 krinkov CQB

Current Camo: British DPM




Primary Weapon: ACM/KS P90

External Upgrades:

Internal Upgrades:N/A

Secondary Weapon: N/A

Current camo:  British DPM

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