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Charlie's recommendations!  

To start off I have had many questions about start up guns and what I recommend. I personally started my Airsoft gun collection with a springer. Nothing wrong with springers unless you want to use them at skirmishes, which i don't recommend. But I recommend starting off with a springer unless you are sure you have the time and money to start with skirmish-able weapons(most people dont) and the knowledge. For anyone that wondered I had a L85 springer which was sweet as heck but it didnt work properly! *cough* Justbbguns...


I recommend a Spring like a G36C as a first gun because they give you everything you would need to play except of course bb's but when you get them your all good to go! Simple and easy.Also its very cheap!

Skirmish Weapons

To be honest I don't really recommend anything for this section because its all about personal choice. If you would like to customise your weapon then an M4 is ideal because basically most airsoft related accessries fit an M4 so its good for those guys who customise.  So the M4 i recommend is a 

SRC M4 CQB with nylon fibre receiver

If you want a good reliable gun then I would recommend a well known brand like Classic Army who's guns are on the expensive side but they are definitely  worth the price if you bring durability into concerns! You dont have to use the M4 but i recommend it this gun could go through a full wet day at a skirmish and not have a single issue!

Classic Army M15A2 Carbine

If you want a gun that has a good power I would recommend G&G because they do have many guns with high FPS's!


And that about raps it up! Got anymore Questions? go check out ActiveAirsoftUK and send us a Personal Message!

Jack's Recommendations

Beginner guns :


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